How Ceramics became part of my Life

Originally from Germany I moved to California in 2008. Coming from a cold climate zone with long winters I immediately enjoyed the warm weather and abundance of nature and plants in my new home place. I started to take classes in floral design and Ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arrangement) and work at the Huntington Botanical Gardens as a gardener.
My initial approach to ceramics was to create my own planters to display my various plants, especially succulents, for which I have developed a passion over the years. Eventually I got so indulged in making pottery that it became an end in itself, and is now playing a major role in my life, next to my family. Finding a balance between pottery and family - with my twin boys - has been a challenge, but is fulfilling and rewarding at the same time. Eventually I am living the life I have been dreaming about.

My work is strongly influenced by nature. As nature itself, it changes over time, themes are being refined, and I consider my creations an ongoing work in progress with no final goal to achieve. I would like to describe my style as subtle, soft, and raw, always leaving room for interpretation. We are living in a loud and hectic world - in my work I am striving to create pieces which calm the mind, are inspiring, and make the observer take time for contemplation.

I am based in Sierra Madre, California where I am working out of my home studio. My pieces can be purchased at several events in Southern California, and from my online shop.

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